sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape, oh my!

SO here's one for the books. I've been sexually assaulted/sexually abused/raped, whatever you would like to call it. You know what's crazy about being the victim of a rape? How you always for some reason, think it's your fault. Currently, I am seeing a wonderful lady at a company called SASS, a free service that helps people... Continue Reading →


depression strikes again!

I really don't know how to start this post so I'm just going to spit it out. I'm depressed. No, really. People throw the word "depressed" around like it's no big deal. The shirt they wanted at the store didn't have their size in stock and BAM, they're depressed. That's not how it works people.... Continue Reading →

hello there

Welcome to my page, borderline princess. I wanted to thank you for coming to my site because I am honoured by the type of people who have come to read my blogs on mental health. I hope you enjoy the adventure of life with me.

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